Top 4 Best Desktop Search Tools Available



A desktop search engine enables you find folders and files in your laptop or computer in the shortest time possible. Al you have to do is start to key the name of the file. As you key in, it also narrows down the available options. In this, you can find a file or folder by using part of the name as well. A desktop search tool therefore seeks to help you find files and folders faster and easier. You can use a number desktop search tools to meet this objective.

1. Windows 7 search

This tool comes with windows 7 operating system. It s easy and fast to use and all you have to do is click on the start button to retrieve it. You will see the search tool with a blinking cursor, right on top of the start button where you can key in the name of the file or folder. As you start to key in, the tool categorizes the possible files or folders you are looking to find. This tool also allows you search into document content. As an added advantage, this tool allows you search through your home network as well. It comes with the OS and with it you do not need another tool.

2. X1 Desktop Search

This tool has been in the market for quite some time and is meeting the objectives of its target market. Though it no longer supports indexing network files, it is delivers it objectives as desired delivering competence. As an added advantage, it supports network shares. It comes in different versions and from version 3.0 onwards, this network searching will only serve with the pro and/or corporate versions. Arguably the best desktop search software available on the market.


3. Locate32

Though locate32 is not very common in the market, a desktop search tool is effective while at the same time it works across network shares. It searches both network shares as well as with files. This tool carries out its functions by storing information through databases. It is through these databases that you can search your files and it can retrieve them. It comes with a dialog based application plus console programs, which are responsible for updating and accessing databases. Since you do not have to run it constantly, it is advisable that you update if from time to time.

4. Google desktop search

This desktop search tool will search more than your files and folders. It goes as far as searching your web history. It comes with features such as an outlook toolbar, a novel desktop sidebar that allows you to carry out a more customized search as well as an integrated Gmail search. You will find a Google desktop search for the MAC version and the Linux version. The latest release is the Google desktop 5.9 version, which is faster as well as lighter for users. It supports several browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox 3, as well as Internet Explorer 8.

Looking at the above desktop search engine tools, it is evident that they search your files and folders thus saving on time and energy.

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