In the first half of this year, the world has been battling epidemics and people have been experiencing new changes in their lives. The once bustling grocery store is now the world of the delivery man; the once overcrowded offline cinema is now competing to be the first to play it online. People who once had to “climb mountains” to get to work can now work from home, as long as they are online on time. Students are acquiring knowledge through online means for their studies. Because of the epidemic, more and more people are choosing to stay home for longer periods of time, and having a tablet at home is also the choice of most people.

After many years of evolution, the tablet market has been equally divided between iPad, Surface, and Android. The first two are products, the iPad is on fire for ecology, the Surface is on fire for Microsoft’s toughness, and the latter Android, on the other hand, is an area where many brands are involved and is a reflection of the open ecosystem of Android tablets.

Samsung Tab S6 Lite
Samsung Tab S6 Lite

In the Android tablet ecosystem, the Samsung brand has to be mentioned. By virtue of its position as the ecological leader of mobile phones, it is moving towards a larger screen and becoming the right-hand man for the new light office scene. Tab S The Tab S6 Lite is the “entry level” of the flagship series.

Appearance: thin and light, always ready to pick up and use

Wheel exterior design, Samsung never loses to any brand or even arguably the leader in the industry. This time around, the Tab S6 Lite is overall like a notebook, yes, a traditional notebook that can write.

It’s got the trendy rounded corners all around, with integrated metal on the bezel and back. The more detailed point is that instead of using straight corners at the transition between the middle frame and the back, they are rounded over to the middle frame. The smooth design remains the same around the middle frame.

In fact, I personally don’t like metallic backs, they always give me a cold feeling. But Samsung’s Cherry Pink, Tranquil Blue, and Oxford Grey colors make up for it a bit, and at least the pink and blue still bring some life.

What I like more about the Tab S6 Lite is the camera design, although it still uses a single camera, similar to the body of the The rounded corners make it look more coherent. The design is worth bragging about compared to other brands that have a rounded, squared-off, garden-like offense.

On the front, the Tab S6 Lite has a 10.4-inch 2000×1200 resolution screen, while the materials used are Because the LCD packaging process results in wider bezels around the screen, but the good thing is that It’s the same width all around. On one side of the screen is a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which can be used for selfies or facial recognition.

Here’s more of a mouthful. Since using an LCD screen also means you can’t use an on-screen fingerprint, Samsung simply won’t give the Tab S6 Lite a The fingerprint module, unlocked in a variety of ways: graphic, numeric, mixed codes and facial recognition, so if you use the tablet to make payments, it’s better to Hybrid identification is recommended.

The side with the button is equipped with a magnetic attachable S Pen.

If I had to pick one thing I’m probably most happy with about the look of the Tab S6 Lite, it would be the weight. Despite having a 7000 mAh battery, the weight is kept at 465g (Wi-Fi)/467g (LTE). The thickness of the body is also just 7mm. With the official case, it’s so light and thin like a traditional laptop that you can even ignore it in your bag.

4096 Class Pressure Sensitive Pro Spen

The Tab S6 Lite is supported with an S Pen. The first time Samsung supported a stylus on a tablet would have been in 2017 with the Tab S3. which was launched at the MWC in Barcelona. The Spen was stunning at times. Nearly 3 years into development, Spen’s size and usability has been greatly enhanced.

Along with the Tab S6 Lite comes with the same color of the Spen and the body. The body of the pen is made of skin-like material.The Pen can be attached to the tablet or clipped into the official protective case. The design of the case is unique in that it uses the extra space when folded to put in the pen slot that can attach the S Pen.

The S Pen supports 4096 levels of pressure, which is the same as the flagship Tab S6, with different strengths when using the S Pen Presenting strokes of varying thickness and depth.The 0.7 mm nib allows for finer detail when drawing.

In terms of application features, this S Pen is equipped with essentially the same features as the flagship, with support for converting handwriting to digital text, converting the Text is saved as Word, JPG and PDF documents. tab S6 Lite has built-in Sogou input method support first. Recognition. When typing, just use the S Pen continuous writing can completely replace the keyboard, the recognition rate is about 95% or more.

The Tab S6 Lite also supports resting screen quick write which is a frequent feature on the Note series phones, so you can take notes at any time without turning on the phone.


Tab S6 Lite is powered by Samsung Exynos 9611 processor based on 10nm process, CPU Uses four A73 processors paired with four A53 processors, with large cores topping out at 2.3 GHz and small cores at 1.73GHz. performance is sufficient for daily use.

With a 7040 mAh battery, you can basically use it for a day without problems.

Summing up.

On more and more days at home, small screen phones are not becoming central. Large screens and even televisions are starting to act as the mainstay of the home. The tablet is somewhere between a TV and a phone, with a large screen and the ability to offer almost the same features as a phone, making it the choice of most people.

The Samsung Tab series has grown to 6 generations. There’s the Tab S6 for professionals and the Tab S6 Lite for students and the young masses. 10.4-inch screen with a 4096-powered USB stick and a 10.4-inch screen with a 10.5-inch screen. inch screen and a 4096-rated S Pen, you can use your imagination and write on the Tab!


  •   10.4-inch screen
  •   4096-level pressure-sensitive S Pen
  •   Dual speakers with Dolby 3D audio support


  •   Slightly higher price
  •   Keyboards must be purchased separately.
  •   PC-less mode